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A Node.js library for pretty printing your data on the terminal🎨

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πŸ“ Introduction

voici.js (speak: /vwasi/) is an open source Node.js library written in TypeScript for beautifully displaying datasets in tabular form on the terminal, including features like:

  • Text & column & row styling
  • Highlighting & filtering
  • Dynamic columns
  • Column sizing
  • Accumulation
  • Table export
  • Type System
  • Sorting

and many more!

Check out the GitBook for more features or create an issue if you're missing one.

πŸ’» Installation

Install via npm:

npm i --save voici.js

πŸ”¨ Usage

import { Table } from 'voici.js';

const data = [
{ firstname: 'Homer', lastname: 'Simpson', age: 39 },
{ firstname: 'Marge', lastname: 'Simpson', age: 36 },
{ firstname: 'Bart', lastname: 'Simpson', age: 10 },
{ firstname: 'Lisa', lastname: 'Simpson', age: 8 },
{ firstname: 'Maggie', lastname: 'Simpson', age: 1 }

const table = new Table(data);

The console output:

  firstname    lastname    age
Homer Simpson 39
Marge Simpson 36
Bart Simpson 10
Lisa Simpson 8
Maggie Simpson 1

You can find many more examples here.

πŸ“š Documentation

The following documentations are available:

Otherwise check out the tests for more examples.

🧩 Contributing

Any contribution is appreciated! See CONTRIBUTING.md

πŸ”‘ License

voici.js is released under MIT license.

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